About Us

We are proud to be 100 per cent Australian-owned.

Starting as a small family business in 2002, Advance Security Destruction Services has become a market-leading information-security provider that distinguishes itself on unprecedented excellence in service, reliability, innovation and sustainability.

We protect the brand reputations and information compliance of businesses across Australia with services such as document destruction, paper recycling, data destruction, e-waste removal, product destruction and office clean-ups.
Our clients include:

And they all recognise something unique about our approach.


We don't just meet the toughest security standards; we set them. Our company’s vehicles, facility, destruction, and procedures are approved by the highest Security for the destruction of Classified and Sensitive Material. We are also founding members of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) Australasia, which sets information-security standards across the pacific region.

Right Attitude

We securely destroy paper, products and data. We're efficient and we're on time. It's that simple. If our bin deliveries and collections are on time and compliant with the Government's toughest security standards, you won't notice us. But if you engage a company that falls short or runs late, you won't miss it.

Exceptional Service

We are one of the only information-security providers in Sydney to deliver and collect document-destruction bins inside the buildings of Australia's leading companies and government agencies. Most paper-shredding outfits ask you to bring your bins downstairs to the dock to make it easier for their drivers. Our approach is unprecedented.


We offer state-of-the-art information-security solutions for products that include industrial shredding and incineration. Do you need to destroy it? We'll find a way to do it.


Our clients save money through our efficient economies of scale. Document destruction? Paper shredding? Paper recycling? Product destruction? Data destruction? e-waste removal? Office clean-ups? Removing non-paper "contamination" from paper-recycling bins? We handle it all at our independently audited facilities.


We are passionate about supporting your people, your profits and the planet. Our team recycles up to 98 per cent of e-waste. That means that out of every 10 kilograms of e-waste collected by us, only 200 grams is sent to landfill. The rest of recycled.


We believe in investing in the community with sensitivity and intelligence. We're proud to support the Children's Hospital at Westmead, NSW and Variety, the children's charity with annual donations.

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