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Case Studies

Destroying branded stock to avoid embarrassment

The problem
A major sporting association accidentally printed the wrong sponsor’s name on its volunteer t-shirts in the lead-up to a national tournament.

Our solution
Our security destruction team:

  • Destroyed the corporate merchandise within 24 hours to avoid embarrassment and leaks to the press.
  • Generated certificates to confirm that the stock destruction met the stringent security standards of the federal Government’s Security Construction and Equipment Committee.
  • Helped the national sporting association avoid embarrassment in the press or leaks to the sponsor organisation.

Safely removing tonnes of e-waste

The problem
A leading international antivirus software brand called us to remove seven tonnes of e-waste including scanners, computer monitors, photocopiers, old television sets, PCs and microwaves that could leak harmful radiation.

Our solution
Using specialised trolleys and transport, we:

  • Safely removed seven tonnes of e-waste from the premises.
  • Sensitively and safely handled toxic chemicals such as mercury and lead, notoriously found in e-waste.
  • Protected the company from calling on staff to remove the waste at the risk of occupational health and safety.
  • Transported the electrical and computer goods in compliant vehicles to accredited e-waste facilities.
  • Fulfilled the job brief in line with International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) accreditation.
  • Recycled up to 98 per cent of the e-waste.

Protecting heritage products in an office relocation

The problem
A leading Australian medical organisation located in Sydney’s northern suburbs needed to sort and archive several tonnes of heritage industry journals dating back to the 1940s during a complex office relocation.

Our solution
The team at Advance Security Destruction Services delivered a comprehensive service that included:

  • Sorting through thousands of journals.
  • Removing double copies for recycling.
  • Reducing the filing volume.
  • Re-categorising the journals into their correct order.
  • Indexing the new storage shelves.
  • Re-usomg the original archive boxes.
  • Saving the organisation thousands of dollars by returning its newly purchased archive boxes.
  • Recycled 8.5 tonnes of paper.

Delivering and collecting bins across 15 office floors

The problem
One of Australia’s largest health care funds couldn’t find a company to securely destroy documents, recycle paper and remove office waste across 15 floors from the inside of the building during the company’s relocation. Advance Security Destruction Services stepped in to help.

Our solution
In a comprehensive solution for the business, we:

  • Delivered specialised bins for document destruction, paper recycling and office waste across 15 floors inside the building.
  • Collected the bins from each floor of the building while secure collection vehicles waited on standby downstairs.
  • Fulfilled the project requirements during night shifts to meet the client deadline.
  • Collected, transported, shredded, pulped and recycled paper for a total of 1000 staff.

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