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Advance Security Destruction is an information-security offering secure and confidential office waste management services. We provide secure e-Waste and Data destruction Sydney and to thousands of businesses in major cities across Australia including Melbourne Brisbane and Canberra. Our data destruction services include hard dive shredding, media destruction and the safe destruction of mobile phones, CDs, DVDs, and office communications equipment.

We rely on the most secure method in Australia to destroy data, using industrial shredders and granulation to shred e-waste to three millimetre  dust particles.

Consider the highly sensitive information stored in your company hard drives, CDs, DVDs, mobile phones, fax machines and scanners.

Can you afford for this information to leak out to your competitors or the public?

And if IT consultancies retrieve lost data for clients every day, how easy is it for a hacker to access your company data on a hard drive that was dumped in landfill by an unsecure waste disposal company?

At Advance Security Destruction Services, we are passionate about protecting your business and the planet with e-waste solutions that are secure, sustainable, with high quality shedding equipment that is accredited with the federal Government.

Destroying data? Receive two solutions in one

Our government-accredited, industrial-shredding facilities protect:

  1. Your security: We shred e-waste such as hard drives to three-millimetre dust using industrial shredders that are built to handle computer hardware and software. It's the most secure method to destroy data in Australia.
  2. Your planet: We recycle up to 98 per cent of electrical and white goods including scanners, digital cameras, mobile phones, refrigerators and microwaves. That means that out of every 10 kilograms of e-waste collected by us, only 200 grams is sent to landfill. The rest of recycled.

What is the right way to destroy data?

We destroy data in a reliable, government-accredited granulation process that grinds down solid hardware to particles no bigger than three millimetres in diameter. This is a foolproof method: no one can reconstitute dust particles back together.

Government departments, military operations and private organisations around the world demand this level of security when destroying data.

And the wrong way to destroy data?

Some companies claim they can destroy data through a four-swipe magnetic process, where a magnet swipes over the disc four times without altering the physical hardware. But if the process is so sound, why does the magnetic swipe need to wipe over the disc four times, rather than once?

Other companies claim they can reformat a disc to wipe out data. However, specialist IT consultancies recover lost data for clients everyday. Are you sure that a professional hacker could not access highly sensitive information from your discs if they have only been formatted differently?

Prove it. Get a certificate of media destruction

Our security destruction services are reliable and fully audited.

Once we have securely destroyed data, we send you a certificate that shows the volumes of:

At Advance Security Destruction Services, we work with the federal Government to ensure our industrial-shredding equipment is certified at the highest level.

Our certification means the strictest standards of security are built into the structural design of our disposal facility. At least every five years, the Security Construction and Equipment Committee recertifies the security of our facilities.

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