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What does accreditation mean?

This benchmarks a company’s compliance in procedural, physical, personnel and information standards of security.

If you’re doing business with an accredited company, you’re in the best hands. Any other security licences, federal-police checks or industry memberships come second to our security compliance.

When we manage your document destruction, paper shredding and paper recycling, we deliver services that are secure, transparent and independently audited.

So you’re a foundation member of NAID Australasia. What does that mean?

The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) Australasia is the leading body in document destruction, paper shredding and document recycling that mandates industry standards and ethics across Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands.

Advance Security Destruction Services is a founding member of the organisation. We have led the industry and our clients in the innovation and integrity of information security and document destruction since 2002.

Do you offer on-site paper shredding?

No, on-site paper shredding is not yet recognised by the federal Government’s Security requirements.

On-site paper shredding can be slow and expensive. Most companies who offer on-site paper shredding often ask you to guarantee that there are no clips or binders in the paper that could damage the shredder, and they frequently ask you to pay for damages to the paper shredder.

Advance Security Destruction Services uses document shredders that are too large and comprehensively equipped to fit into a truck. Due to the value and exceptional efficiency of our equipment, our destruction facility is monitored with security cameras 24 hours a day.

Will I receive a certificate of destruction?

Yes. When you engage us in document-destruction services, you receive a certificate that confirms the documents have been destroyed in line with federal-government accreditation and standards.

A non-accredited company may provide you with a certificate, but it will not match the accredited benchmark of document destruction.

Some companies may destroy paper in the final stages document destruction by pulping it overseas or interstate. But this is not a secure process because it leaves the paper vulnerable to neglect, sabotage or access by the general public for up to several months during storage and transportation. Don’t risk it.

What type of document destruction should I look for?

In the document-destruction process, we cross-shred paper in a facility certified by the federal Government. Every paper-shredding outfit should do the same. Ask for proof. This should not be negotiable.

Can I visit you to watch your paper-disposal process?

Yes, we welcome our clients to visit us on-site at any time. We are passionate about the document-destruction business and we like to educate the public in what transparent, audited and secure paper disposal looks like.

Do you have any hidden charges at Advance Security Destruction Services?

No. We don’t charge any administration fees. No certificate fees. No set-up costs. No other undisclosed fees.

We have heard of some document-destruction businesses that charge up to $20 a month to send their clients a bill. We don’t believe this is fair play.

How do I book a service such as paper recycling or document destruction?

Three easy options:
1. Call 1300 888 487
2. Email
3. Click here and fill out the enquiry form.

What are your charges?

We scope and cost each job individually. Every document-destruction project is unique and we can’t pigeonhole your needs into a general price list.

Our aim is to give you the best value for your dollar. Sometimes we can leverage existing economies of scale: if we have another client in your building who relies on us for document destruction, we can reduce your costs because of the operational efficiency of the job.

For a customised quote on your job, contact us on 1300 888 487, email click here and fill out the enquiry form.

I only need one document-destruction bin for a short period. Is this possible?

Yes. We pride ourselves on taking care of our smaller clients – small to medium businesses, home offices and retail spaces – while offering the security and reliability of the multinationals.

Can I bring my documents to you?

Absolutely. To find out how, contact us on 1300 888 487, email click here and fill out the enquiry form.

Is the paper recycled after you put it through the paper shredders?

Yes. We have a sustainable approach to business that supports your triple bottom line: our paper shredding is good for your profits, for people and for the planet.

One tonne of paper saves up to 17 trees and nearly 32 thousand litres of water.

I need to destroy data. Why can’t I do it myself?

Your hard drives, CDs, DVDs, Blu Ray DVDs, microfiche and other media storage devices contain highly sensitive information. You may have forgotten about the sensitive nature of historical data, or you might think putting files in your desktop “trash can” is enough.

Think again.

If a typical IT consultancy can retrieve data for clients who have accidentally lost or trashed files they desperately need again, how easy is it for a professional hacker or corporate saboteur to access important information on a hard drive that you deposited in a dump, sits unused in a storeroom or you use as a doorstopper?

It’s in your best interests to destroy data and e-waste such as electrical goods securely and efficiently.

At Advance, we work closely with government agencies to ensure our facilities are certified to acceptable levels.

This government certification means the strictest standards of security are built into the structural design of our disposal facility.

When we destroy data such as hard drives, CDs, DVDs, Blu Ray DVDs, CD-Roms and microfiche, we can ground them down to dust particles no larger than three millimetres in diameter or use the newest accredited technology in degaussing. It’s the most secure method available in Australia.

What products can be destroyed?

  • Paper – such as confidential pricing sheets, customer information, internal procedures, reports and letterhead representing a brand.
  • Products – such as pharmaceutical goods, food packaging, clothes, fashion accessories like sunglasses and handbags, branded uniforms and credit cards.
  • Data – stored in hard drives, CDs, DVDs, Blu Ray DVDs, CR-Roms, microfiche and software.
  • e-waste – including computer hardware like laptops, music CDs, movie DVDs, computer games, electrical goods like TVs, consumer electronics such as digital cameras, white goods such as refrigerators and items that require strict safety precautions such as microwaves.

I want to destroy boxes of archives. Do I need to sort through the boxes first?

No, we are happy to collect your boxes as they are. Once they arrive at our paper-shredding facility, we will sort through the paper to remove “contaminated” items such as bulldog clips, staples, paper clips and plastic sleeves before the shredding process and paper recycling.

Do you have a minimum collection amount?

No, we can collect one box – or thousands. We cater to all sized jobs.

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