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Archive Box Destruction


Advance Security Destruction offers secure recycling and confidential office waste management services across Australia. Our archive box destruction service is a safe and secure method of destroying confidential company files, documents and records and preparing archive boxes for destruction.

Do you have confidential archived records that have reached the end of their life cycle sitting in your storeroom? 

Or are you too busy to sort through boxes of files to make sure the contents are “clean” enough for paper recycling? 

We specialise in securely destroying archive boxes of files and records that have reached their use-by date.

We remove “contaminated” items from your archive boxes such as bulldog clips, staples, paper clips and plastic sleeves before we start the process of paper shredding and paper recycling.

7 steps to secure document archive destruction

To destroy files contained in archive boxes, guaranteeing a secure archive destruction service we follow seven comprehensive steps:

  1. Collection of archive boxes into our security transport vehicles.
  2. Sorting files to remove “contamination” such as bulldog clips and plastic sleeves.
  3. Paper shredding in our secure facilities.
  4. Cross-shredding for double security.
  5. Pulping the shredded paper.
  6. Recycling paper in a sound, sustainable approach.
  7. Generating certificates to confirm you have complied with document-destruction and paper-recycling standards.

Why can’t I do my own paper shredding and paper recycling?

There are six top reasons why you benefit from engaging a document-destruction specialist:

  1. Top security: Our paper-shredding facilities are classified for the destruction of the highest security material. By contrast, on-site paper shredding is not recognised by the Government.
  2. Sorting: We remove “contaminated” items from your archive boxes such as bulldog clips, staples, paper clips and plastic sleeves before our paper shredding and paper recycling. By contrast, companies who offer on-site paper shredding often ask you to guarantee that there are no clips or binders in the paper that could damage the shredder. Otherwise they often ask you to pay for any damages to the paper shredder.
  3. Speed: Our industrial shredders are fast, efficient and cost-effective for you in their economies of scale. By contrast, on-site paper shredding is slow and expensive, calling for you to invest in the expensive shredding equipment upfront and for staff who can manually feed files into the paper shredders.
  4. Locality: We shred, cross-shred, pulp and recycle paper within 24 hours of consignment, all at our secure facilities within Australia. Other paper-shredding companies may offer to collect the shredded paper for pulping, but their pulp mills are located interstate or overseas, leaving your documents vulnerable to neglect or public access in the months between storage and transportation.
  5. Auditing: You will receive a security certificate confirming your document destruction meets government standards and an environmental report that certifies the paper recycling. Should you be audited by a government or industry body, these certificates prove your compliance with privacy and security legislation. By contrast, if you shred paper on-site yourself, you have no record of legal compliance.
  6. Twice as good: We shred paper under a sophisticated hammer mill, which cuts every page into tiny squares. By contrast the typical on-site office shredder only shreds paper into long strips, making it easy to piece together confidential paperwork.

Businesses spend millions of dollars every year on security measures such as insuring their resources, installing IT firewalls, hiring security personnel, protecting trademarks and registering patents.

Why leave your confidential archive boxes to chance, emptying them into wastepaper baskets or non-secure recycling bins?

Be thorough.

Failing to comply with privacy and security legislation is a serious legal breach.

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