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As a secure waste management company, Advance Security Destruction offers secure and reliable document destruction services such as, secure paper recycling, paper shredding, file shredding and document disposal services Australia wide. We provide our secure document destruction services to companies in Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth as well as Adelaide and Hobart.

Accredited Paper Shredding and Recycling Services Sydney

We offer waste management services including secure paper shredding and recycling services in Sydney and throughout Australia and making sure that we cross-shred, pulp and recycle your documents and confidential papers within 24 hours of receiving your company’s consignment.

Regular Document Shredding Pick-Up Service

We are one of the only information-security providers to provide a regular pick-up service of your confidential office waste from the floors inside your building which we do very discreetly, using accredited drivers and equipment.

One off Paper Shredding and Recycling Services

Are you after a one-off collection of a single shredding or paper-recycling bin at a low cost?
It is our mission to take care of small and large businesses alike, offering you the personalised service you would expect from a family owned business with the security of the multinationals.

Why do I need document-destruction services?

Why do I need document-destruction services?

Your business is built upon confidential data such as:

  • Sales reports.
  • Pricing models.
  • Client information.
  • Intellectual property such as designs, blueprints, inventions, strategies, editorial and artwork.
  • Records of systems and processes.
  • Crisis-management plans.
  • Personal information about your staff.
  • Brand collateral such as letterhead.

Without reliable document-destruction measures, your confidential information could find its way into the wrong hands such as competitors, corporate saboteurs, the media or the general public.

The minefield of risks includes:

  • Massive litigation fees from accused breaches of privacy.
  • Debilitating loss of sales revenue.
  • Irreversible damage to your brand reputation.
  • Identity theft against you or your staff.
  • The abolition of your licence to operate as a business.

4 Steps to shredding paper the right way

Our paper-shredding and paper-recycling services are secure, reliable and independently audited once every two years.

Using industrial shredders, we take a rigorous approach to paper shredding that takes four steps:

  1. Shred paper one way.
  2. Cross-shred paper in the opposite direction.
  3. Pulp the paper.
  4. Recycle paper in government-recognised facilities within 24 hours of receiving your consignment.

At the completion of your document-destruction job, you receive:

  • A security certificate stating that the documents have been destroyed in line with Government standards.
  • An environmental report that certifies the authenticity and quality of your paper recycling.

High-security government departments and strictly confidential business operations rely on us for secure document destruction that leaves no variable to chance.

We provide you with the same trusted security measures that we offer to the Australian Government.

Don’t settle for anything less.

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