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Office Clean-ups and Office Relocations


Advance Security Destruction Services, is one of the only information-security specialists in Sydney to deliver and collect your document-destruction bins from your office floor when you’re cleaning up or relocating offices.

Most companies ask you to bring your bins downstairs to the dock of your building for their drivers to collect them.

Our team is available to collect your bins overnight, often destroying documents and evacuating waste under government-accredited security conditions after hours.

3 Bin Services in One!

In a comprehensive and unparalleled service, we make your office clean-up and relocation easy by delivering three types of bins to your office floor:

  1. Document-destruction bins for the secure shredding of confidential paperwork.
  2. Paper-recycling bins to facilitate pulping and paper recycling.
  3. Office-waste bins for products such as stationery and corporate merchandise.

Engaging just one information-security specialist to securely manage the twofold destruction of paper and products makes your office clean-up efficient and affordable.


Ask Advance Security Destruction Services for a quote on your next office clean-up or relocation. You’ll enjoy seven advantages:

  1. Top security: We cross-shred, pulp and recycle paper in unprecedented security measures at our government-accredited facilities. The typical on-site office shredder only shreds paper one way, still making it possible to read confidential documents.
  2. Efficiency: We sort through “contaminated” paperwork to remove bulldog clips and plastic sleeves before paper shredding and paper recycling. Could you imagine losing time to do this yourself?
  3. Innovation: We have a range of destruction solutions for unwanted products that includes industrial shredding, granulation and incineration. Ask us for more details.
  4. Flexibility: We deliver your document-destruction bins to your office floor. We collect them from your office floor. We can collect them on the weekend. We work to suit your schedule.
  5. Cost-savings: You’ll save money when you engage a single, seamless company in document destruction, paper recycling and product destruction. Companies that are unequipped to remove contaminated items from paper-recycling bins will ask you to pay for any damages to their paper shredders.
  6. Certification: You will receive a security certificate confirming your document destruction meets government standards and an environmental report that certifies the authenticity of your paper recycling.
  7. Sustainability: Our team recycles up to 98 per cent of e-waste. That means that out of every 10 kilograms of e-waste collected by us, only 200 grams is sent to landfill – the rest of recycled.

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