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Product Destruction


Organisations destroy products everyday as part of their business life cycle.

But are you destroying products securely in a way that protects your brand reputation, your unique price point and the public’s safety?

We employ a range of solutions such as industrial shredding, granulation and secure incineration for:

  • ATM cards such as titanium credit cards.
  • Clothes and luxury accessories by couture (made to measure) labels .
  • Pharmaceutical goods.
  • Food packaging for fast moving consumer goods (FMCGs).
  • Faulty products.
  • Uniforms that promote a current or former brand.
  • Corporate merchandise such as mugs, pens and mouse pads.

5 reasons to destroy products securely

Engaging industrial-shredding experts to destroy redundant products protects you in five ways:

  1. Financial security, with the safe destruction of credit cards.
  2. Brand protection, with FMCG packaging that needs to be rebranded for sale under a new label.
  3. Unique price point, with luxury labels that cannot be discounted to bargain-basement prices.
  4. Public safety, with faulty goods or pharmaceuticals that have passed their use-by date.
  5. Public relations, with current or former uniforms that should not fall into the hands of corporate saboteurs at the risk of vandalism or association with a conflict of interest.

Call Advance Security Destruction Services if you need to destroy redundant products regularly through secure solutions such as industrial shredding or incineration. We have a range of destruction solutions to choose from.

You will be taking a responsible step to protect yourself against costly litigation and damage to your brand reputation.

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